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Factors that Influence Xanax Price

While Xanax is a helpful drug, it is also one of the widely abused substances. For now, we shall delve into the pricing of Xanax, major influences, and how all this plays out in pharmaceutical markets. Just like other medical substances, the price of Xanax is subject to influence from different factors. 3 major influences are; package size, dosage strength, and nature of drug itself. Apparently, original brands tend to cost much more than generic ones though they have more or less the same structure and ingredients.

Dosage and Xanax Cost

The pricing of Xanax, like other drugs depends on the dosage amount. Most pharmacies dispense dosages in packages of 0.25mg to 2mg. These are packed as 30, 60, 90, 120, and even 360 pills. On average, the starting price of a pack is about $1.5, but this is not definite. As dosage strength increases so does the pricing of Xanax. Cheap Xanax can be found in generic form. You can place any order for Xanax pills in the amounts indicated above. Of course, the pricing of pills also varies with quantity that you order from a pharmacy. For instance, 30 pills of original Xanax may start from $110 while 180 pills may be in the spectrum of $600.

Xanax Pills Price Regulation

While Xanax use and distribution is controlled locally, the pricing is left to the discretion of pharmacies and licensed distributors. However, the pricing in local pharmacies is somewhat definite, so you can expect to buy medication at a given range of price. Even so, the pricing is certainly higher than that which is offered by online pharmacies for the same dosage of Xanax.

Interestingly, online and street Xanax prices are not subject to regulation. So, pharmacies set prices as they wish. This is evident from the apparent differences in prices from pharmacy to pharmacy. This variation can be attributed to the proliferation of generic brands that are cheaper and easily accessible. Therefore, buyers can get Xanax without prescriptions.

No Definitive Price List

While online pharmacies readily provide users with various brands of Xanax, they do not have definitive pricing. A single 2mg Xanax may be significantly cheaper or pricier depending on the resource. Most stores set their own pricing which may be different than normal market prices. As a result, buyers have to search pharmacies to see the dosages available and their corresponding prices. Since Xanax is a controlled substance, there are few sites that offer straight reviews and price comparison for the benefit of buyers. While the pricing may seem lower, the quality of Xanax may not be guaranteed since online pharmacies are not licensed to sell this drug.